Immune Cell that kills cancer (1 Viewer)

I just had a client here that had bladder cancer. Diagnosed 2 years ago. In full remission today.

We began to chemo.

The did immunotherapy. He was actually given attenuated Tuberculosis thru catheter direct into bladder. Within 6 months, full remission. The best part was absolutely minimal side effects.

I think i remember watching a Vice story how docs use attenuated viruses to trick the immune system into attacking the virus when its attached to the cancer ( cells/tumor) with great success.

This is really amazing if they stumbled upon something even greater!
Do you want zombies? Cuz this is how you get zombies.

In all seriousness though, great news. Hopefully it pans out to be as good as this article paints it. Time will tell, but for some reason the cynic in me says it won't be available in the US any time soon even if it pans out globally.
How many discoveries are made by accident? Quite a few. If this one is for real, it's a game changer. Might be one of the biggest discoveries ever.
Isn't this how the zombie apocalypse starts...? If so, I am all for this on many levels.

All jokes aside... Amazing news if it can mass produced and even be 25% effective.
Just in time to save Rush Limbaugh


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