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Apr 12, 2007
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Hi Mike,

Thanks for taking my question. I've been a long time fan of your draft coverage. You always do excellent work.

My concern is the Saints offense. I know that the team's most glaring holes are in our secondary, but I also see cause for concern on the offensive side of the ball. I read a stat that said the Saints were amongst the league leaders in dropped passes. I know Coach Payton likes to throw the ball a lot, but so do the New England Patriots, and I don't believe their dropped passes stat is nearly that bad.

I think the team is set at QB and FB. Other than that, every other offensive position could use an upgrade. Seeing as Payton likes to throw the ball a ton, it would seem wise to invest some money in high quality talent. I've heard that Roy Williams and Chad Johnson may be available in trades. Do you see the Saints being a player in any of those talks?? If not, what do you see the Saints doing in free agency to shore up our offense?

I also know that Sean Payton is an offensive minded coach, so I know he won't wait too long before selecting an offensive player in the draft. What early round offensive prospects do you see the Saints taking a chance on if they were to slide?

Thanks Mike,

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