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Dec 17, 2003
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I like many of you have just heard the terrible news of St. FRank passing away, so I thought I would write this tribute to him and his memory and his legacy on the board, its very hard for me to grasp the reality of him really being gone, so I will try to honor his memory the best I can.

If anyone wants to add any other thoughts to this thread, they are free to do so if they so wish.

Their is no time in passing, no dishonor in death, nor is it the finality of one's existence.
I know for even in my worst hour, he was standing next to me, in my time of need
and in the refuge I sought, it was never left unfulfiiled.
I know for courage their is strength and for the realization of one's own passing, he did not die but only his mortal flesh, his soul lives on the in the glory of God and the knowledge of his own life brings him comfort.

I know this to be true for it is the requiem of every man, woman and child living upon the earth, and the world we both create and live in to the best of our abilities and the salvation of God and his son, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I hope that you are lookig down upon us Frank and finding peace, for at long last you are free and your rest is assured.

God Bless you St. Frank.


David Roberts, "Saintman2884"

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