Indoor electric rotisserie? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 30, 2001
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Have one? Do you like it and recommend it? What brand if you do have one. I hear good things about them and I think I'm going to get one but not sure what brand to get. It should come in handy during the winter months.
We have one of those Ron Popeil rotisierre's too. We don't use it much though. Ever notice on Ron's infomercials that all the food is finished and looks great? Well that indeed is true. However, you have to get through some smoke to get there. We had the smoke detector in our kitchen go off when cooking a chicken once.
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ron popeil- love it. set it and forget it!

actually it really works well. For the first time I cooked a chicken and couldnt believe how good it was.
Showtime rotisserie is fantastic. I've had two of em. I gave my lil sis my old one, it was white with the mechanical timer, when they came out with the bigger digital one.
They cook great! When I wear this one out, I'll get another.

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