Interesting Atlanta Offense Stats

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Jan 27, 1999
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--Ryan threw for 300 yards or more in only six games. He did have the monster game against Carolina where he threw for 503 yards and Julio had 300 receiving yards.

--Freeman and Coleman nine times this year collectively had over 100 total yards receiving and rushing (though Coleman did not play in three games). Freeman and Coleman five times this year had over 200 yards receiving and rushing. They collectively had 296 yards and 236 yards in their games against the Saints, 286 yards against Denver, 216 yards against San Francisco, and 270 yards against Carolina.

--Freeman only three times this year exceeded 135 yards both receiving and rushing. He had 155 yards against San Francisco, and 207 and 177 yards against the Saints. He averaged against the Saints this year 1992 total yards per game.

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