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Jan 30, 2002
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I have to admit to knowing very little on how to rate guards. I've found several that sound like they would be good selections. I want the guy from Ga. Tech just to hear Bobby say his name.

NFL Draft - 2013 NFL Draft Prospects - -
*Alvin Bailey
OG Arkansas rJr 6-5 315

A naturally massive man, Bailey shows impressive quickness off the snap and can knock defenders off the ball in the running game. He's athletic enough to handle blocking on the move - a requirement in an Arkansas scheme that often requires the guards to pull and block at the second level.

While quick enough to get out in space, Bailey struggles to re-direct if the defenders sees him coming and often is forced to lunge at his opponent, resulting in some impressive knock-down blocks but also an occasional miss. The talent and poise of skill position players around him has helped Bailey in pass protection as he has a tendency to stop moving his feet and attempt to control his opponent with just his size and strength.
For a big man, however, Bailey shows the ability to block low enough to anchor. He still needs to refine his game but could earn top 100 consideration in either the 2013 or 2014 draft should he continue to develop.

Hugh Thornton
OG Illinois Sr 6-3 313
COMPARES TO: Sean Locklear, OT, New York Giants - Thornton, like Locklear, may not possess the ideal frame to play tackle at the next level, but his physicality, flexibility and natural athleticism help him to compensate. A probable mid-round selection with starter upside.

Omoregie Uzzi
OG Georgia Tech rSr 6-3 302
COMPARES TO: Jahri Evans, OG, New Orleans Saints - Though a bit smaller than Evans, Uzzi's instincts, strength and athleticism as a run-blocker remind me of the three-time All Pro, and the two even appear to share some of the same struggles as pass-blockers. Like Evans in 2006, I could see Uzzi flying under the radar for the first few rounds considering Georgia Tech's limited offense, but he too could prove to be a steal as an immediate-impact run blocker with Day One starting potential

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