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Posted: 5:50 PM Feb 4, 2008
Reporter: Rhiana Huckins

A woman and her unborn child were shot and killed after violence spilled onto Church Street in Blakely, Georgia and authorities say the killer is still at large.

Authorities say a verbal fight taking place inside the club known as Pokey’s turned into a violent fiasco.

<SCRIPT language=Javascript type=text/javascript>if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']) document.write('<table style=\"float : right;\" border=\"0\"><tbody><tr><td align=\"center\" valign=\"bottom\">');if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']){ document.write(plpm['Mid-Story Ad']);} else { if(self['plurp'] && plurp['97']){} else {document.write('<scr'+'ipt language="Javascript" type="text/javascript" src="'+Math.random()+'&p=97&c=6500&m=112&d=30566&pre=%3Ctable+style%3D%22float+%3A+right%3B%22+border%3D%220%22%3E%3Ctbody%3E%3Ctr%3E%3Ctd+align%3D%22center%22+valign%3D%22bottom%22%3E&post=%3C%2Ftd%3E%3C%2Ftr%3E%3C%2Ftbody%3E%3C%2Ftable%3E"></scr'+'ipt>'); } }if (self['plpm'] && plpm['Mid-Story Ad']) document.write('</td></tr></tbody></table>');</SCRIPT>After more people stepped into the altercation, fights broke out into the street, in front of an auto shop and Club 92.

NFL Player Charles Grant of the New Orleans Saints was caught in the middle of the violence and was stabbed in the neck.

Early County Chief Investigator Will Caudill says, "Sometime after the Malay, one assault occurred on Mr. Grant and then we believe around the same time or shortly after, there were shots fired."

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