Is anyone on here into skateboarding? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 20, 2010
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Northeast, PA.
I used to skate all throughout middle school until 10th grade, so say from 12 years old, up until I was about 17. Just recently, I've come to realize just how much I miss skateboarding. I stopped when I met this girl in highschool who I dated for around 2 years. I guess I was just more 'getting some' at that point in time then continuing to skate.

This past summer I watched the Emerica video 'Stay Gold' and that was it. I was like "I NEED to get back into skating". I miss everything about it, the friends I made through skateboarding, everything.

I guess I'm just stuck on the fact that in 5 days, I'll be turning 21 years old. I haven't skated in atleast 4 years, and I guess a part of me feels like I'm 'too old' to get back at it. I was decently good around the time that I stopped. I was able to do flip tricks down stair sets, handrails, etc.

I'm just curious if anyone on here currently skateboards, I've never ever seen it mentioned.

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