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Oct 4, 2004
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Spring, TX by way of Chalmette
I think he would be a great asset because he is a force and would not need to be an every down player but give good rotation time for other starters to avoid injury.
He is not, nor is Everson Griffin.

Even for a year, teams have to design their roster to have only a few players earning salaries way over average at their positions.

I would not pay over 10 million dollars on a player that had only 3 sacks, or a 33 year old veteran that certainly won't have a long term commitment to the team.
Since he's been in the league (since 2014), Jadeveon Clowney has never, EVER had double-digit sacks in a season. I know he's been banged up off & on, but this stat is despite the fact that during most of those seasons, he had J.J. Watt as an opposite bookend.

No thanks. He's not worth what he's asking, IMO. Now, if he comes in at Vet minimum (which is pretty much impossible)... I'd say go for it.

Is he an option?


Not for his asking price, nor what he will actually recieve in a deal though. We just can't afford it with still having to pay everyone next season also, we have kicked the can down the road about as far as we can for this season
NO unfortunately. We have nowhere near the money to spend on him and frankly he would be a want not a need anyway.
Rather have the Saint try to get Apple. He's more of a need for now. The Saints had one of the best D-Line in the NFL last year. Saints have been really good at finding Dline personnel in the later rounds or as UNDFAs lately. I think Granderson is going to have a really good year in 2020.

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