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Oct 30, 2008
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My job allows me to speak with and meet people from all over Louisiana and Texas on a daily basis. And today put me over the edge!

I have been a season ticket holder and Saints faithful for quite a while, through the good years and bad. But isn't this why we love them? And I have discovered that there are 3 types of fans.

1. The majority of us - Season ticket holders, Saints fanatics and members of the Who Dat Nation! Gotta Love that Cajun Cannon. We watch no matter their record or score. I will admit, it has been easier over the past 4 years.

2. The bandwagon jumpers - These people drive me nuts. They can't tell you one thing about the Saints pre-2006. They have no clue who the Dome Patrol is or what Ironhead means. Can they remember the paper bags?

3. The eternal "Glass Half Empty" - The people are what they are, pessimist. That is fine. Atleast they aren't fans and well never be one. There isn't any room on the wagon for them anyway.

I am just curious on how everyone handles these individuals and have you ever just completely lost it with one.

Share your thoughts and experiences.

Who Dat baby! 10 minutes till gametime!

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