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May 29, 2006
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Reppin' N.O. here in DFW
... is Bullocks digressing?

... is Stoutmire an ankle-biter?

... did our WRs revert back to the previous regime-coached WRs... where we were near the top of the league in dropped passes?

... is our offense killing our chances at winning?

... can our secondary cover anybody?

... are you tired of watching RBs run for over 100 yards for the first time in X amount of games against our defense?

... is the only team that can beat the Saints... are the Saints?



Apr 13, 2003
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For two weeks now I've been saying Bullocks will NOT wrap-up tackle. He leads with his shoulder trying to make Jacked Up, but just bounces off the ball carrier. Time and time again he does this.

Is he regressing? I dunno, maybe he's in a sophomore slump. Doesn't look like he's progressing at any rate.

I'll also weigh in on Freddy T here: You can use the "no safety help" excuse till the cows come home, but #85 was Fred's man on those big plays. Is Thomas uncapable of man coverage now? Look, Fred Thomas has as much heart as anyone on the squad, and if God had blessed him with 3 more inches of height he'd have made the Pro Bowl. But it looks to me like he's too small and slow to be put on an island, which hamstrings us into shading coverages and using safety help. As much as I like P Willis out of Ole Miss, I'm seriously leaning toward drafting CB with our first pick.

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