Is Jameis Winston going to get a pay day like Teddy B? (1 Viewer)

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Aug 6, 2011
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I am glad that Jameis is here, he brings legit big time quarterback talent, and he is still young enough where the sky is the limit. I think Sean, Drew, Pete, Joe, and even Taysom will bring out the best in him, and the Saints will benefit greatly from it.

One narrative that is constantly being trumpeted is that, “All Jameis has to do is sit behind Drew Brees, win a few games, and then he can get paid, just like Teddy Bridgewater did last year.” But that last year wasn’t Teddy Bridgewater’s entire time with the Saints.

The talking heads don’t realize how much work, and luck had to break in Teddy’s favor for him to be where he is today. He was traded to us for a 3rd round pick, and fought with Tom Savage and Taysom for the backup spot. Once he did win that backup spot he had to sit an entire year and not see meaningful playing time until the final game of the season (vs the Panthers), and he played horribly. That offseason Only the Dolphins and their fraud QB position was open to him, so he returned and waited.

In his “I’m still alive!” Year, Teddy got very lucky in that the NFL‘s Iron Man (Drew Brees) injures his hand. Drew never gets injured, and when he does he still plays, so Teddy caught a break there. Then we went through some average (to above average) opponents, and Teddy was able to shine like a lighthouse in a storm. He cut through those opponents like a hot knife through butter, and was able to leave enough to the imagination that the Panthers came calling.

So it took Teddy “Two Gloves” two years before he was able to leave and get that big contract. Does anyone honestly think lightning will strike twice for the Saint’s backup qb, and Jameis will replicate Teddy’s 2nd year without having to go through that first year?

I think we have Jameis on a 1 year deal (much like we had Teddy B on a 1 year deal), and if we see enough we give Jameis the same deal Teddy got in year two. I don’t think we lose Jameis this offseason but next. I think he either stays with us (because Drew retires), or some team comes calling and Jameis gets a massive contract (and we get a 3rd round compensatory pick). Thoughts?
Probably not after this yr since I’m not expecting him to see the field. I can see a scenario where he stays with us for another yr and gets playing time in 2021, resulting in a big payday in 2022
I think Jameis only gets a big payday in the range of $25+ million in 2021 only if he sees significant game action in 2020. He’ll probably re-sign here for $7-16 million on another one year deal for a good shot at competing to be the future starter.

There’s not really many teams that will look to FA to fill QB openings next offseason 2021. Jacksonville and Carolina will look to draft their next QB in the top 10. There’s a chance the Raiders and Bears can go after Jameis, but signing with either one may set his development right back to how he played in Tampa. It would make more sense for Jameis to keep consistency with Sean Payton and our coaching staff here
i think Winston will sign another one year contract after this and compete directly with Hill. whoever wins the job will sign a long term deal with the saints, the other will sign a deal somewhere else.. a win win for the saints
This could hinge on how well Teddy plays in Carolina.

If he shows out over there, then teams will know he actually learned during his time here and it wasn't just Sean's scheme that made him look good. Teams would be more willing to throw money at Jameis then imo
This could hinge on how well Teddy plays in Carolina.

If he shows out over there, then teams will know he actually learned during his time here and it wasn't just Sean's scheme that made him look good. Teams would be more willing to throw money at Jameis then imo

That’s exactly what I was about to say. If Jameis looks good in preseason and Teddy has a great year in Carolina, he might still get an ok contract based on him being here. Unless coach totally dumps on him to the media next offseason. Plus teams will actually be able to get to their hands on him unlike this offseason.
Is Jameis the #2 or 3 QB? I heard Taysom earned the #2 so what's the current status? If Jameis is the #3 it goes to show the media are blatantly overlooking that lil tidbit
Taysom was #2 when there was 2 QBs. There may be a competition or Taysom will be in the only spot he is effective and that's the gadget player. Jamies getting any contract after this yr depends on his value to the team, whether he plays or not. If he plays this yr and does well, he get's paid. In this scenario Drew retiring or not wont play a factor. Winston has a better skill set for Sean Payton's offense then Teddy did. I love Teddy!!!!! This offense is built for a passer like Winston under center and Taysom all over the field. We will see. It is exciting though!!!!!!
My opinion on Teddy is only based on the way the offense changed while he was starting. Clock management, balanced offense, and a stingy defense. That is NOT Sean Payton football (even know we all know, that way of playing wins championships!!)
Winston will re-sign to comeback for 2021 to compete with Hill for the starting job.

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