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Mar 1, 2005
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Name on the rise

Two weeks ago we put out our list of top 20 unrestricted free agents. Every year I miss somebody and this year the one name I hear will be heavily pursued is 49ers DT Isaac Sapoaga. He's one of the NFL's strongest men, probably in the top three or four actually. The 6-2, 334-pounder is a bear against the run and gets helped by the fact that the cupboards for DTs in free agency are pretty bare.

Full Name: Isaac Sopoaga
Born: September 4, 1981
Pago Pago, American Samoa
Height: 6-2
Weight: 325 lbs. Age: 26
piece of work: DT
Experience: 3 years
College: Hawaii
Drafted: Year:2004 Round:4 Pick:8, 49ers

He is scheduled to be a restricted free agent. If they don't put a high tender on him, would be well worth looking at signing him to an offer sheet, surrendering a 4th round pick

Slim K

Sep 4, 2007
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The one problem I have with Samoans is they are really unfit. I played sports with Samoans for years and none could ever last a full game of rugby. I guess it will be fine with this guy seeing as it is DT but he could be a setback with no work ethic. I don't know enough about this guy to judge him though.

Saint Droopy

Born/Raised in Hollygrove
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May 29, 2006
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Reppin' N.O. here in DFW
He sounds good... but I'd rather keep our draft picks and go after one of these guys... preferrably Corey Williams and/or Randy Starks...

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=601 border=0><TBODY><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Adams, Sam</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Broncos</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Anderson, Tim</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Bills</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Bailey, Rodney</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Cardinals</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Boschetti, Ryan</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Redskins</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Cole, Colin</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Packers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Darby, Chuck</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Seahawks</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Davis, Russell</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Giants</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Douglas, Marques</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>49ers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Eason, Nick</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Steelers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Garay, Antonio</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Bears</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Haye, Jovan</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Buccaneers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Haynesworth, Albert</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Titans</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Jefferson, Jason</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Bills</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Johnson, Spencer</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Vikings</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Joseph, William</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Giants</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Kelley, Ethan</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Browns</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Kelly, Tommy</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Raiders</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Killings, Cedric</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Texans</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Klecko, Dan</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Colts</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Lewis, Damione</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Panthers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Maddox, Anthony</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Texans</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Moore, Langston</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Lions</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Moorehead, Kindal</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Panthers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Ratliff, Jay</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Cowboys</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Reid, Darrell</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Colts</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Scott, Ian</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Eagles</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Sims, Ryan</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Buccaneers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Sopoaga, Isaac</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>49ers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Starks, Randy</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Titans</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Terrill, Craig</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Seahawks</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Von Oelhoffsen, Kimo</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Eagles</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Washington, Ted</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Browns</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Williams, Corey</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Packers</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Wright, Mike</TD><TD width=198>RFA</TD><TD width=182>Patriots</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#f0f0f0><TD width=221>Wyms, Ellis</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Seahawks</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#ffffff><TD width=221>Young, Brian</TD><TD width=198>UFA</TD><TD width=182>Saints</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

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