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Dec 17, 2003
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this is La, funny state, funny people I may add too, a strange idealogy that transfixes the senses and leaves a visitor. It comes across as a wild frilly sort of decadent sort of place, where the rules of society that you see everywhere else dont apply to everyone.

there are no big daddy's no Johnny law man telling me to not screw around, this is the law of Bourbon Street, the hookers and heats of Dauphine Street, out to motor hog delights.

no little punks are messing me on this ground, no *******s with high attitudes and their egos can ruin my parade. this aint no moral crusade, no Puritan in high heels and people with a lack of blue steel on my speal of New Orleans.

No this is Lousiana baby, its a revolution, man, the ideas of wildness and the New Orleans Saints to make a normal man happy and fat and dumb.


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