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Oct 24, 2000
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Memphis, TN
In our three of our four loses, the common denominator is turnovers. Giving the ball away and forcing very precious few will lose a game every time. That's the reason the Steelers are in the position they are in now, and that's what's happened to the Saints the past three of four weeks.

When an offense puts up the stats we did today there is no reason to lose the game period unless you turn the ball over. This game was gift wrapped for Cincinnati.

I don't know what you do to cut down turnovers except continue to preach protection. But obviously something must be done to either cut down on them and to teach our defense to get some takeaways.

Am I worried right now? No. Losing to an AFC team doesn't hurt as badly, but next week is another story. Atlanta is a must win for the Saints next week. Don't turn the ball over and the Saints win because I don't think any defense in the league can stop the Saints offense except the Saints offense themselves.

One other thing, could someone please put pressure on the opposing QB's next week and the rest of the season?

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