It's that time again......Watching MNF Saints vs. Atlanta !! (1 Viewer)


DubyaDubyaWeLuvya BuddyD!
Apr 6, 2002
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Am I the only one ?? I find myself watching this game at least once a week or so !! Totally reliving the experience everytime I hit play !

yeah, i watch the first 10 minutes of it all the time.

then i ff to the reverse, the blocked kick and the end of the game.

The file has a permanent place on my desktop.
I have this past Tampa Game as my Favorite game to go back and watch now :)

hey i live in Tampa and it's SWEET owning them right now!
One of you guys needs to put together the whole season on DVD and sell those bad boys......If ya'll have the season recorded, somebody has got to have them.....:ezbill:
i would watch the atlanta game again but nobody seems to want to seed it.
Yeah, my job requires me to sound upbeat and energetic, or at least have some sort of an edge. On those days where I dont feel like a ball of fire, I crank up some song off the air that jams and I fire up the Henderson soundbite, "and the KICK IS BLOCKEDDDDDD!" People walking by the soundproof glass see me doing some form of sack dance. Im never getting tired of this. Just like I never get tired of my tape of a big win over the 49ers.

come to think of it--- I think I'll find an excuse to put it ON THE AIR today. yeah, its going on! hahaha!
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