I've now heard that the Panthers are clearly the most... (1 Viewer)


Mar 26, 2000
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Walker, LA
talented team in the the NFC South from ESPN and then on NFL network.
Why are they the most talented team? I don't get it, oh well they did beat us in the first game I guess that is it. I wounldn't say they "clearly" more talented than the Saints are. Thank god this is not the NCAA or the Saints would never make the playoffs no matter what their record ending up being, its all taken care of on the field.
Didn't you hear? Carolina has Steve Smith! Every time he catches a pass an angel gets its wings!

We will settle up with Carolina in due time.
I guess Peppers and Steve Smith makes them THE most talented team... wow 2 guys... let the media guys gush over Carolina... they will all eat their crow in a few weeks when the Panthers are on life support fughting for a wild card and we are coasting to a 1st round bye..
I loved when NBC's Football Night in America guys, setting up the coming highlights of the Falcons-Saints game after commercial, stated that the saints and falcons were trying to "catch up" with the panthers for the division lead.

Can anyone tell me at what point this season they had a better record than us?

I for one am glad that we play the Cowboys and Giants before the season is out. Here's to winning out :bier:
The media likes the panthers better than panthers fans like the panthers
Talent and a buck will get you a cup of coffee at about any gas station. Talent don't mean diddly (excuse the poor grammar) in the NFL. Win-loss record is all that really matters.
The media loves the panthers and I can not figure out why.
It is disgusting. I hear it and read it all of the time. I hate the Panthers more than the Falcons if one can believe that.

Steve Smith is a real talent - there is no questioning that. Beyond that they have no one on offense.

They are a lucky team and I figured they would luck up today as well.

I like our chances in a rematch.
Key to beating the panthers...blitz,blitz, and more blitzing.
We used to have so much talent. Now all we do is win. Darn!

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