Jameis Winston turned down a "more lucrative" contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers (1 Viewer)

I mean... Look at Pittsburgh being really suspect and compare that to us.

We treated Teddy like gold. We traded for him. Let him take everything day by day. Let him trust his body and never gave up on him. Pay him a lot of money and never put pressure on him. He flourished in a time of need and fans adore and love him.

You guys wonder why certain players take discounts... Or why Saints treat players way nicer than a dynasty like the Patriots? This is why. Player see this and want to be apart of it.
I mentioned this morning that I work with a steeler fan that wanted to sign Jameis to sit behind Ben for a year or two. This will make it even better than the other team was Pittsburgh.
It's the smart play for Winston. He's damaged goods right now. The league sees him (justifiably) as a talented head case, an interception machine that cannot and will not lead a team to a championship.

A year at the best QB grad school in the league is just what the doctor ordered for him. Professors Brees and Payton will not tolerate any nonsense in their seminar and if Winston can remake himself even somewhat in the mold of Brees, that will address the precise concerns over preparation, leadership and mental make up that has league GMs down on Winston right now. He has the physical talent, but he needs a character make over. Don't know if that's possible, but right now he's a former number one overall pick sliding toward the XFL. If that doesn't sober him up this year, nothing will.
Seems like an easy decision. I’ve seen Ben get defensive thinking other quarterbacks are coming in to take his job. Sean and Drew are better than that. The weather is better. And he gets to play the team that let him go twice per year.

Then of course Teddy spent two years here and turned it into a starting job with another team.

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