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Apr 20, 2001
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I know that Sean Payton has not benched anyone yet, but I think it's high time to get someone who can direct traffic out in the secondary. Jay was playing well before his injury last year. Omar Stoutmire is good in run support, but has yet to make a play in space. JB can play the run almost as well. I know his wheels are coming off, and he's aged, but we need a leader out there.
I'm down with this. I'd like to Bellamy have a shot.

And Danny Clark.

But, I have to keep reminding myself that Payton knows what he's doing, much more than I do.
I would like to see Bryan Scott get a shot if Bullocks does not pisk it up as well.
I'd put Jay in, but not so sure I'd pull Stoutmire. Bullocks having the speed, it's tough to pull him either, but if #85's demonstration was the DB's fault, and not the defensive scheme, a price needs to be paid.
If by "good run support" you mean "consistently overruns the ballcarrier" then yes Stoutmire is the best we've ever had.

Put Bellamy in.
I'd like to see Clark in there, i think Stoutmaire has more range than Bellamy but i wouldnt be mad if payton put bellamy in there. I'd like to see Groce get some time (he has starting experience and can create turnovers)
I would like to see Bryan Scott get a shot if Bullocks does not pisk it up as well.

Yes, I remember him making plays for the Falcons. Its time for him to make some plays for us. Bullocks is looking like a rookie out there.
I think we may see a little bit of bellamy in the future. I would have thought he would rotate in on some plays. I am still trusting Payton though.

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