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Mar 3, 2003
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Brees' passer efficiency from the shotgun formation: 155.6.:worthy:

New Orleans Saints First and 10: An homage to Drew Brees
By Jeff Duncan, The Times-Picayune
September 25, 2009, 11:06AM

First (take)

As we went enter the final week of the ninth month of the year, a tribute to the ninth wonder of the world, Drew Christopher Brees, No. 9 in your program, No. 1 in your heart.

Nine things you should know about No. 9:

He has only thrown 12 “bad” passes in two games, according to statistical analysis by Stats, Inc. The independent statistical research firm charts every NFL pass and categorizes incompletions by six types: pass dropped; poor throw; pass defensed; pass hit at line; intercepted; or “other.” In 68 attempts, Brees has thrown 12 “negative” passes: six poor throws, four passes defensed and two interceptions. That percentage of 17.6 of “negative passes” is the second lowest in the league. Brett Favre has only two poor throws, one pass defensed and zero interceptions in 48 attempts. But his 6.25 negative pass percentage is skewed because Favre is not throwing the ball downfield. His average yards per attempt is a career-low 5.5, compared to 9.8 for Brees, which ranks second in the league. Brees, for example, has six pass plays of 25 yards or more. Favre has zero. In short, Brees is throwing the ball down the field, making big plays and still being more accurate than any other quarterback in the league.



Jun 10, 2008
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Lake Charles
4. Didya notice of the week: The Saints did not play any exotic defensive fronts against the Eagles. No 3-4. No 46. Straight 4-3, with an elephant package sprinkled in a down or two for good measure. Defensive coordinator Gregg Williams kept things pretty basic. I expect that to change this week in Buffalo.
.... This was a fantastic gameplan by Williams. Most of us thought he would use a lot of exotic packages and blitzes to mess with Kolb who was starting his first game. But instead of tipping his hand, he knew the defense could beat Kolb straight-up. Why put more on film than you need to?

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