N/S Jets trade Jamal Adams to Seahawks (1 Viewer)


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May 27, 2003
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Northern Virginia
Way too much for a 6-1, 215 pound athlete. LT, QB, elite DE yes but not a safety. Adams will have to elevate a crazy amount to justify that price.


Dec 17, 2003
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There have been DBs in NFL history that would've been worth this price tag but Jamal Adams isn't one of them. He's a great Safety but he's still a Safety in 2020. In the box Safeties can help a defense but they aren't the difference makers they once were.

Adams is not Deion Sanders circa 1994, early 90s Rod Woodson, or Ronnie Lott. There's no way he's going to play at a level that would justify this trade. I'm sure he'll earn individual accolades in Seattle but it's Super Bowl or bust.
If you really think about Deion Sanders FA value to 49ers and how he helped them win their 5th and to date, last SB, honestly was it really worth it even then? SF had come close to making the SB the two previous years, losing to Dallas in the NFCCG both years, but by 1994, Steve Young was bound and determined to prove to his doubters, critics in the Bay Area and teammates that he lead at least win one SB like Joe did for 13 seasons. Now, Deion in 1994 certainly made an enormous set of contributions, he won the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year, but some nagging contrarian part of me, drago, still believes the Niners probably win the SB XXIX without him. They had so many playmakers left on both sides of the ball they could've fared well on their own and Dallas after Jimmy left, wasn't the same, well-disciplined team anymore.
Troy Aikman said on his Football Life episode that mid-90s teams got worse and less talented with each consecutive season.
Ronnie Lott's best days were over by the early 90s.

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