Joe Horn interview on ESPN-NEWS, coming up... (1 Viewer)

the mood in the locker-room is upbeat, and he was saying they cant win with turning the ball-over.

drew is a champ, likes to compete, cool and colletctive guy and will drive the ship to the lead the team to winning.

talked about the 72 yard TD play and said that basically it was a flea-flicker.

joe doesnt know if colston will play, but that he works hard and wants to be a great player in this leauge. realized in mini-camps that MC could be a good player in this league and that he worked very hard in TC and that he is very quiet man.

he didnt know what to think of payton and when he 1st met him...he gave him a chance and payton gave him a chance....went on to say that payton has changed the W-L column, with making new schemes/plays and brining new faces to the team.

said that so many players on D are focusing on bush which makes him a good player alone...

the 9/25 game was a very emotional game and that this sunday, saints know they have to win a football game to get back in the playoff hunt and as well for the falclowns. also stated that this team is very focused.

said d-hall is a good corner....and said that 'pac-man' jones is the biggest CB talker.

reporter asked what dance he would do this weekend if he scored but joe said 'i cant let that dance get outta the bag'.
Thanks 382!

I missed that interview and appreciate your recapping for us!

Here's a link to a good story on Drew! It may have been posted before but for those who may have missed it:


In my "HEART" I know this team is a WINNING team!

First, look at the TALENT! (We haven't fielded at once this many high caliber, "play-makers" in a very long time! PLUS! We've got two VERY strong Rooks out right now in Roman Harper and Marques Colston!)

Next, look at our team ATTITUDE! These guys to a man, from the Staff, through the team to the ball-boys and Hydration Specialists haven't had this kind of WINNING mentality for a long time if EVER! I can't remember the New Orleans SAINTS "EVER" being this consistently positive in their outlooks in the team's history. Yeah, the Dome Patrol days you always KNEW you had a chance but this version of the SAINTS is very unique and I LIKE IT!

Then, look at the fan support! Sold out SEASONS! This is very unusual and in fact, I believe I read where this many season tickets and sell outs is unprecedented!

It all adds up to something really "special" going on right now and we are all in the middle of it, hoping and praying and loving every minute of it (except for the turn-overs and injuries bugging us to death!)!

I don't know about the rest of you, but, the waiting for Sunday and then being able to watch our guys play so hard in these games has added up to a GREAT season thus far and I really can't see the meltdowns of the past four years! I don't see this happening because of the CHARACTER this team is founded on and that has been displayed so far. Aside from the injuries, which I pray are stopped and won't affect us any more than they have already, everything that has contributed to our losses are correctable and I BELIEVE the Coaches and Players will do EVERYTHING they can to improve what has happened in those losses. We already know what the team is capable of now and we've seen it in every game and the W's have come when the team keeps the turn-overs in check!

Again thanks for posting such interesting news and insights.

!!!!!!!!!!! GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX !!!!!!!!!!!!

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