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dat dam dog

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Jul 11, 2006
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I have no idea what that was, nor do I understand your posts.

That was a comedy of errors, only not funny.

No D, they were passing at will and running nearly as well.

The tuck rule 'no fumble, incomplete pass' was bogus in my opinion. But it is just another thing that could go wrong and did.

Stecker had a pass that will be called a Brees interception, but he took his eyes off the ball and missed it. I swear, I think Stecker believed he had caught it when he didn't look back to see where it went.

Bush throws into the endzone, 1 receiver and two defenders. Hmmm. If it's a trick play and there are 2 defenders, just throw it away, don't force it.

Penaltys? You bet. On us. Everywhere. I was shocked!

No running game. No shock, but disappointing.

Bad breaks? You bet. Everything that could go wrong did.

Just one thing after another.

Am I mad? No. In fact I have a cool, calm demeanor and I suspect the team will too.

Tighten up, don't let it happen again.

We have a very good chance next week, but this one is forgettable. Dare I say it, we looked like last year's team.

Sorry if I sound too harsh, just my initial reaction to what I saw.

A comedy of errors.

You are not alone. I watched the game on TV and had the same reaction to the game.
Game was like a flashback of the Has years.
Once again, the same comment I made during the game. They looked completely undisciplined. This week will be a true test for our new coach. He needs to be hard on the team this week and let them know he will not tolerate that type of sloppy play.
I agree it was like a flashback. I only hope I never see such a flashback again. :)

But props to the Ravens, they came up with the plays on offense (we could not stop them at all in the first half) and defense (regardless of whether you think a INT was off a lucky tip or not, that is one opportunistic and FAST defense that is tops in the NFL for a reason). I felt had we not gotten in the hole so fast so early it would have been a closer, lower scoring game, but once they got the lead like that we were playing catchup and didn't have much chance.

Glad to see we never quit though. That's always a good sign to me. :)
I think everyone agrees with you. The difference here is that in the past many would be giving up on the season, but now we just want to move on to next game. we sucked. we played undisciplined fb. we were embarrassed royally. but we still have confidence in the team.
Haslett coached team, final score would have been 49-3. At least this team showed some fight until the very end.
I could not make the game this week, but of course watched on TV. There is no question we played like crap. However, you have to take it for what it is.....ONE game. We have to move forward. Sure, we made some dumb mistakes today, but we have to correct them and move forward. I, for one, think we will do just that!
They pass on us when it counted not at will. Lewis run hard but no big plays... 14 pts on int return, a lucky bounce before half resulted in a TD, one fumble leading to a short filed TD.... It was bad but not as ugly as last year. It was not even close... Sure, I was ****** off but never turned off as I did a few times last year.

The D did not give up, Joe Horn, Brees and Colston did not give up. I'm proud of them. At least I did not have to watch Brooks smile after a two fumbles and two int game !

Monday Payton is gonna be all over them ! This Saints team will rebound and be a better team.

I hope Bush injury is not serious.
Game was like a flashback of the Has years.

I disagree

- in the past the team would have given up, this time they kept fighting
- in the past you wouldn't have seen Brooks looking mad, talking over the play with Has and his receivers

I still have confidence in this team, even after a bad game. They'll come out mad next week
It was just one of those games. What could go wrong, did. Mistakes galore, so it won't be hard to pick them out when they view tape. This team has already surpassed expectations for a first year coach, new team, and a new scheme. They stunk. They lost. We move on. I pity our next opponent.
This is no where near where a Haslett coached team was or will ever be. Every turnover, except for the last Brees pick, was just fluke and weird in nature.

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