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Jul 31, 2004
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Doug Can You Please Sticky This -thanks

Red Division
Joey-bless You Boys
Jerome-injured Reserve
Stephen-nittany Lions

White Division
Michael-palmers Arch
Kay Da Saints

Blue Division
Rafeces-lost Paradise
Chris/roy-who Dat Nation
Doug-blackened Voodoo

Week 1
Blackened Voodoo Vs.injured Reserve
Nittany Lions Vs Tbba
Zeros Vs Breasts
Palmers Arch Vs Ladybugs
Da Saints Vs Lost Paradise
Who Dat Nation Vs Bless You Boys

Week 2
Lost Paradise Vs Breasts
Palmers Arch Vs Nittany Lions
Who Dat Nation Vs Zeros
Blackened Voodoo Vs Da Saints
Tbba Vs Bless You Boys
Ladybugs Vs Injured Reserve

Week 3
Ladybugs Vs Blackened Voodoo
Lost Paradise Vs Who Dat Nation
Tbba Vs Da Saints
Breasts Vs Palmers Arch
Bless You Boys Vs Zeros
Injured Reserve Vs Nittany Lions

Week 4
Nittany Lions Vs Bless You Boys
Zeros Vs Injured Reserve
Palmers Arch Vs Tbba
Da Saints Vs Breasts
Who Dat Nation Vs Ladybugs
Blackened Voodoo Vs Lost Paradise

Week 5
Bless You Boys Vs Lost Paradise
Injured Reserve Vs Tbba
Breasts Vs Ladybugs
Nittany Lions Vs Blackened Voodoo
Zeros Vs Palmers Arch
Da Saints Vs Who Dat Nation

Week 6
Injured Reserve Vs Palmers Arch
Nittany Lions Vs Lost Paradise
Ladybugs Vs Zeros
Who Dat Nation Vs Breasts
Da Saints Vs Bless You Boys
Blackened Voodoo Vs Tbba

Week 7
Who Dat Nation Vs Blackened Voodoo
Ladybugs Vs Lost Paradise
Palmers Arch Vs Da Saints
Tbba Vs Breasts
Nittany Lions Vs Zeros
Bless You Boys Vs Injured Reserve

Week 8
Bless You Boys Vs Ladybugs
Breasts Vs Injured Reserve
Lost Paradise Vs Tbba
Nittany Lions Vs Who Dat Nation
Zeros Vs Da Saints
Palmers Arch Vs Blackened Voodoo

Week 9
Breasts Vs Nittany Lions
Ladybugs Vs Da Saints
Lost Paradise Vs Palmers Arch
Blackened Voodoo Vs Bless You Boys
Who Dat Nation Vs Injured Reserve
Tbba Vs Zeros

Week 10
Da Saints Vs Tbba
Palmers Arch Vs Breasts
Zeros Vs Bless You Boys
Nittany Lions Vs Injured Reserve
Blackened Voodoo Vs Ladybugs
Who Dat Nation Vs Lost Paradise

Week 11
Bless You Boys Vs Nittany Lions
Injured Reserve Vs Zeros
Tbba Vs Palmers Arch
Breasts Vs Da Saints
Lady Bugs Vs Who Dat Nation
Lost Paradise Vs Blackened Voodoo

Week 12
Bless You Boys Vs Breasts
Injured Reserve Vs Lost Paradise
Tbba Vs Ladybugs
Da Saints Vs Nittany Lions
Palmers Arch Vs Who Dat Nation
Zeros Vs Blackened Voodoo

Week 13
Injured Reserve Vs Bless You Boys
Zeros Vs Nittany Lions
Lost Paradise Vs Ladybugs
Who Dat Nation Vs Blackened Voodoo
Breasts Vs Tbba
Da Saints Vs Palmers Arch

Week 14
#1 Seed Has A Bye Week
#2 Seed Has A Bye Week
Division Winner #3 Vs Wildcard #3
Wildcard #1 Vs Wildcard #2

Week 15
#1 Seed Vs Lower Remaining Seed
#2 Seed Vs Higher Remaining Seed

Week 16 Fantasy Bowl

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