Kinect is the new Wii, Pitfalls and all. (Sales) (1 Viewer)


Aug 12, 2006
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If there was any doubt that Kinect is a smash-hit, Microsoft erased it with official sales figures: In 25 days, the company sold 2.5 million units. As ReadWriteWeb notes, Kinect is being adopted faster than the iPad.

In essence, Kinect has become the new Wii, the hot gaming toy on top of many holiday wishlists. If Microsoft can keep it up, Kinect could keep the Xbox 360 alive for at least another couple of years.

But following the arc of the Wii is as dangerous as it is lucrative. Indeed, the news of Kinect's soaring sales pairs nicely with Ben Fritz's look at the declining Wii in the Los Angeles Times. He notes that stereotypical non-gamers - the same folks Microsoft is targeting - eventually lost interest in the Wii and didn't buy enough software, and now monthly hardware sales are behind the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Major publishers eventually soured on the console as well. Now that Microsoft has proven that people want Kinect, its challenge is to keep those customers around.

Microsoft has a few chances to avoid the Wii's eventual fall. Unlike Nintendo, Microsoft has focused more on making the Xbox 360 a general entertainment device, with video from the Zune Marketplace, Netflix and ESPN3, and music from Zune and (The Wii only offers Netflix.) These features could keep families coming back to the console even when there aren't any games to play.

The Xbox 360 is also more social than the Wii. Connecting with other consoles isn't a chore like it is on Nintendo's console, and Kinect's video chat feature could encourage non-gamers to give Xbox Live a try.
Gotta tell ya, I'm surprised by this. I didn't think there were that many n00bs out there.
I disagree about the will failing because it's not a social console. Plain and simply, the Wiis game library is not up to par with the PS3's and XBOX 360. The social aspect of the consoles really comes secondary to most.

What I do think however, this pretty much kills the wii, because motion control was the only thing going for it. Wii can no longer say, we're the console that appears to everyone! Nope, MS can make that argument now too, and with a better game library aside from the motion control stuff.

I still think like the wii, the kinetic will die down, unless their are games made for it that aren't just for non-gamers. That will be the key. That's where Nintendo failed, and that's where MS can succeed.
There are a ton of developers on board now to make legitimately awesome 360 games using the Kinect as a secondary device (i.e. not for control). Once they saw that the Kinect has sold 100,000 units PER DAY, they knew it would be successful and started developing new experiences for it.

Some of the stuff people are doing on their own with the USB version is pretty crazy too.

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