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Apr 26, 2003
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which play was the most memorable for Saint tackling incompetence? we do have a beast mode victim history...... Both were significant and important games albeit one was playoff and the other only had playoff implication.

I vote Lynch because he scored, but Kittle still hurts more to me. Could have just been inevitable, but it did seal the game in our own house.

The Lynch play was terrible tackling by nearly the entire defense. Kittle gained some extra yardage by dragging Marcus Williams, but Marcus did what nobody could do against Lynch. He held on for dear life and eventually got him to the ground. The Kittle play essentially clinched the game as soon as CJ Gardner-Johnson dove to try and prevent the first down.

I can’t be mad at CJ, though. That’s just one of those moments you learn and grow from.
We got burned on the same play vernon davis burned jenkins on. The 49ers re ran it.

49ers tightends always beat the saints Dbs.
Except CJ really didn’t get burnt like Roman Harper. He was there to make the tackle for a gain of just a few yards. But instead, he sold out trying to prevent Kittle from picking up 1 yard.
Either way, I’m literally sick of seeing our team live in infamy like this. It’s just sad to see time and time again. I always tell my kids to not get excited even if there is 1 second left bc that is still too much time for the opposing team to pull off a miracle against us.
Plays like with Kittle are why I highkey wonder if selling out to get Isaiah Simmons is worth it. I don't want to ever see another TE running loose in the clutch. Don't forget it was Kyle Rudolph who beat us in overtime against the Vikings too.
THEY BOTH SUCK. That being said, when the kittle play happened I knew our season was doomed . just gave me a gloomy feeling the rest of the year. Kind of like that was the football gods preparing us for yet another heartbreaking loss in the playoffs
One play salted away a game against a beat-up team that was probably already lost and had little chance to advance beyond the following week anyway.

The other one ripped away a victory that ultimately cost us the 1-seed.
Split decision imo. The one against Seattle was just a disgustingly thorough lack of effort by a bunch of bums playing with their tails between their legs. The one against SF hurt more though because more was at stake plus we've ALWAYS found a way to sheet the forking bed against them if it's a game that actually matters for both teams (with ONE exception ever). I'll now bore y'all with a little history lesson.

1967-86: No real games of serious playoff implications cuz we were never in it at any point late in any of those seasons except against the Rams in 1983 and we know how Bum botched that one.

1987: Technically, this would've been a meaningful game for both teams in which we actually beat them. It was the second meeting of that season and it left the Saints at 6-3 and SF at 7-2. Infuriatingly, however, just like when we lost the 2011 opener at GB and were already eliminated from the #1 seed in week 1, our loss to SF earlier in the season in week 7 ended up being the game that eliminated us from a shot at the division which would've also come with the #1 seed. So ultimately, we could've lost that game as well as another 2 games and still ended up with the #4 seed by being a game ahead of the 8-7 Vikings.

1988-89: Swept both years.

1990: This almost counts since it led to us beating the Rams in the finale to sneak into the playoffs but it was the second to last game of the season and SF had already wrapped up the #1 seed so they had nothing to play for.

1991: It was the 10th game of the season and we had everything to play for. We were 8-1 going in and trying to keep pace with the undefeated Redskins for the #1 seed. The 49ers, however, were having a shockingly bad season by their standards after letting Roger Craig and Ronnie Lott walk via Plan B in the offseason leading up to that season. Despite Steve Young playing very respectably in place of injured Joe Montana, they struggled and entered the game 4-5 and without Young who'd injured his knee the previous week. The win certainly helped us but beating a Steve Bono-led 4-5 team doesn't qualify as being high stakes for both teams.

1992: Swept.

1993: Beating them to get to 4-0 for only the second time in franchise history was awesome as was intercepting Young and holding him to zero TDs. Unfortunately, it ended up not mattering as we went 3-8 in our final 11 games and (ignoring all butterfly effect stuff) had we swept them we would've ended up winning a 9-7 tiebreaker with them and gotten our second division title in three years.

1994-2001: Any time we beat them during this stretch, at least one of the teams was garbage.

2002: Very close to being the lone meaningful victory. We went 9-7 and they won the NFC west at 10-6. It just ended up being meaningless in the long run since it was so early in the season (week 7) and we stumbled poorly following up a 6-1 start with a 3-6 finish complete with losing to the 3-10 Vikings (Daunte's double fumble 2-point conversion), 1-13 Bengals, and 6-9 Panthers, and we missed the playoffs.

2003-2012: Any time we beat them during this stretch, at least one of the teams was garbage.

2013: Here it is. The only time we've ever beaten them in a season in which both teams ended up in the playoffs, both teams had something to play for at the time of the game, and the Saints weren't unknowingly already eliminated from either their division or the #1 seed at that point. The niners went up 20-14 with a field goal with 13 minutes left to play. We then drove for field goals with just under 8 minutes left, right before the 2-minute warning, and as time expired to pull it out.

I remember being stressed to the point of exhaustion and probably yelling at my TV during the first two field goal drives since I still had very fresh memories of our D choking away the Pats game on the last drive four games ago as well as our playoff choke in SF a year and a half earlier. I did not trust our D to keep them scoreless on any meaningful late game drives so when we had to settle for the tying FG right before the 2-minute warning, I was sheetting bricks. Fortunately, we won but of course SF made it further into the playoffs that year than we did since nothing ever goes completely well when it involves them and us.
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