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David Robbins

Ole Miss Rocks!
Mar 30, 2001
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Jackson, MS
Well, we've lost our best Defensive Coach this off-season in Mike Nolan. I'm way dissapointed. Really hoped someone would offer DA a HC position, and we could then name Mike Nolan DC. It's hard to ignore what we've just lost in this guy. There is no doubt that he's the best coach we had on our team beyond Sean Payton, and his leaving to Dallas will really affect our team.

So, the question is what do we do? I know that Sean Payton loves DA and will never replace him. I wish he would bring in Wade Phillips as our new DC, but that isn't going to happen. Jack Del Rio isn't an option, because he's now been made DC for I believe the Deadskins.

So, does anyone have a take on who we might be interested in to replace Mike Nolan?

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