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Dec 30, 2000
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I am upgrading from a 19" CRT monitor to an LCD monitor (size to be determined). I am asking for any advice/opinions on what to buy. Websites with great deals are a plus!!!

BTW, should I go widescreen, or just stick with a regular view????

Thanks for any input.

Bought that one for my wife's birthday (paid 100$ more) and have been impressed. The color is a bit difficult to adjust as it likes to wash out, but it can be done. The biggest thing is there is no ghosting at all in gaming applications. If you like to watch movies or play fast action games, you will definitely want to get a fast response time.

My suggestion is to go to a computer store and look at the ones they have there. Monitors are very subjective so you want to see it before buying in most cases. Once you find one you like, look around for a good price.
I think the two specs to pay attention to here are the response time (especially if you play games) and the contrast ratio. Shoot for a low time like 8ms and a ratio of about 700:1.
If you view movies or HDTV on the computer then wide screen would make more sense, but a 19" wide screen will only give you a 16" equivalent 4:3 picture. You would have to step up to a 22" wide screen to keep the same 18" 4:3 viewable area (calculator).

Check FatWallet for deals, do a search for lcd. If you just need a general purpose LCD the Hanns-G 19" models are decent and routinely available for $120 after rebate. I'd probably spend a bit more for response time/contrast if doing much gaming or image editing.

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