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Aug 15, 2007
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Destrehan, La
1. I decided I wouldn't drink during the game today. I drank too much last night, and have had too much during the first two games. I've got a full day tomorrow and want to be at 100%

2. My BAC right now is higher than Jeremy Shockey's when he passed out in Vegas in May

3. The president shouldn't win a Nobel Peace Prize when there is violence going on within the country like what happened on the field at the Superdome today

4. The best times at the Superdome are when it's like there's a huge party going on, and there happens to be a football game taking place int he middle of it...that's what it was like today

5. The Pro Bowl this year should be the Saints vs the AFC

6. Drew Brees has to have cheat codes...has to

7. They should play a different NFL game on the Jumbotron during the second half of games so that we have a close, competitive game to watch

8. Prediction for next week...Miami 21 - Saints 547

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