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Sep 29, 2004
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Baton Rouge
I have been off this site a bit this week due to being in the zone with the UM/OSU game. But now I'm back! I'm sure there are many threads on the lack of respect we've been getting this week. The last I heard there were quite a few people picking the Bengals this week. That team is 4-5 !?! Yes, I have been following the NFL quite closely this year, and I know full well what ocho cinco and Palmer are capable of, but for crying out loud, they are 1-5 over their last 6 games !!

We only lost the game against Pittsburgh due to our own mistakes. In the past, that would be a line seen often in posts throughout this and other Saints forums, but not this year. Mistakes like the ones that plagued our team last week are officaily uncharacteristic of our team this year. And people were picking the crappy Steelers last week.

I don't really care about rankings and picks usualy, but for all those people saying we're GETTING respect, I beg to differ. When we are facing a "decent" team, not necessarily a SB caliber team, people are still picking the team opposite of ours. I SAY WE GO OUT THERE AND TAKE THE RESPECT THIS TEAM DESERVES!


I'm out, see you guys after the game!

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