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Sep 27, 2006
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On me! That's right. My lucky Reggie football card that has kept us winning was foolishly left at my house when I went to watch the game at the Sports Grill. ANyone else forget their good luck rituals yesterday?

I will not make the same mistake again. I apologize to all. I will be refuning ticket prices to all who went to the game
I couldn't remember which pair of boxers I had worn to the last game and I think I picked the wrong pair. Also, I used the bathroom in the first one I came to when I got in the dome because I didn't go before I got in the car for the drive...... sorry guys.
The funny thing is that I honestly considered getting back in my car to go get it, but I refused to take superstition to such a level where I actually inconvenienced myself to substatiate it. From now on, if that ever happens again, my butt is in the car to get it before kickoff.
Put the blame on the people who washed the jerseys for the first time.

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