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Sep 20, 1998
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I recently completed an instructor course with the NRA to teach basic handgun safety. I need to purchase a single action revolver for teaching my class. Your advice would be appreciated.
I would think one of the Colt single action replicas would be a good cheap choice.
S&W 500 should do the trick.


Have you heard of anything about a Ruger that has a kit that will allow you to fire 9mm or .357?
I have a Ruger single six .22 and a Ruger Vaquero .45 LC and love them both. Don't know about the conversion kit though.
Can you fire 38 special out of the Ruger .357 like with a double action revolver?
Ruger "Single Six" 22 would be perfect. It's simple, inexpensive and the ammo is cheap.
I just found a Heritage Arms Rough Rider that comes with a .22LR cylinder and a .22 Magnum cylinder for only $195. I'm going to take a ride tonight and maybe pick it up. He also set aside 1k rounds of .22 ammo and a 1k .223!!! Freakin awesome.
+1 on the Ruger. I've got a GP-100. Inexpensive, reliable, and easy to shoot. Takes .38 through .357. The front sight is hard to see in a dark shooting range, but a little paint on the tip fixes that.
I tried to look ip the difference between single and double action. Is it that a double action can be cocked using the trigger and a single action cannot?

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