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Aug 17, 1998
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I hope you dont mind me posting your reply, I just thought it was funny.

Originally Posted by Tax-Falcon
Use your psychic powers to make more predictions, please!

And it also should be noted that our secondary plays in Ed Dumbatell's ZONE DEFENSE.

Typical Falcon football intelligence.

"ZONE DEFENSE" is not, actually, a "defense" in it's totality. It's a coverage. Actually it's multiple types of coverages.

For example, the "Tampa 2" defense is a "ZONE DEFENSE", specifically a cover-2 coverage scheme with the corners playing an underneath wide zone and the LBs also zoning underneath. "Tampa 2" actually embodies an entire philosophy of defense and therefore represents a "type" of defense, such as the 46-bear defense which isn't actually 4 linemen and 6 linebackers, but rather 4 linemen, 3 linebackers, 1 deep safety playing Cover-1 (which requires 2 CBs up close playing man to man and freeing the SS to play in the box to blitz/run support). But "Cover-2" isn't nessecarily the "Tampa 2". "Cover-2" simply refers to what the safeties are doing, which is 2 safeties playing over the top. You can play man underneath however with both corners, or play zone on oneside, man on the other, or play a "Cloud" with zone with the CBs and the Safeties in Cover-2 and all man underneath, etc.

I'm going into this detail to demonstrate that saying you play the "ZONE DEFENSE" is a meaningless phrase. ALL TEAMS play a zone defense some of the time. Most play it almost all of the time in some form or fashion. Even if a team is blitzing they'll still commonly run a Cover-1 coverage which still involves a deep safety playing zone. The last coach who commonly ran Cover-0 was Jerry Glanville, something you'd know if you hadn't become a Falcon fan in the past 8 years (I don't know that you have, I just assume that since the Falcons are the worst band wagon team on the planet).

But actually you don't have the slightest clue what kind of defense you run (otherwise you wouldnt have said something as idiotic as a "ZONE DEFENSE")

What you're specifically complaining about is what all Falcidiots complain about, why isn't Deangelo Hall playing Man-to-Man like your precious Deion, Neon, "I'm going to leave this craphole Atlanta just as soon as Free Agency opens so I have no idea why anyone left there still has any loyalty left to me since I obviously had none for them" Sanders.

The answer to your query is that DeAngelo Fall is not Deion Sanders. He isn't even very good man-to-man. And numerous times this season when he has been lined up man to man he's been beaten like a childerns drum. He's been burned so bad at times he can't even make the tackle deep, such as when Hines Ward, not exactly the fastest WR ever, torched Hall embarrassingly bad when the Steelers were there.
hahahahaha nice LSS
Better yet is the guy's response:

"A quick read of your assessment does nothing but show

1) You're beyond immature with the nicknames (D. Fall? Falcidiots? Original...)
2) Your idiocy due to your assumptions (I never said Hall was Sanders)
3) No **** all teams switch to a ZD SOME OF THE TIME. We never man up.
4) ZD is still a defense, regardless of what you may think, guy."
I guess I don't mind. But that level of smack would probably get me banned here so, Mods, I didn't post this here!

That disclaimer aside, I guess I don't care. It really wasn't that well written or even very coherent, Falcons fans are just easy prey :D
The better post was in response to a Redskins fan

LSSpam said:
Current NFL rules emphasis make the idea of a "shutdown corner" an archiac idea anyways. The contact rules make it very difficult to cover man-to-man consistently over the course of a game. That's the real reason very few teams run man coverage the majority of the time with their corners. I guess I could have explained that but I despise the Falcons and choose to take some shots at a big-mouthed player I dislike anyways instead :anigrin:

Champ Bailey is, arguably, the only true shutdown corner in the NFL right now. Guys like Nate Clements, Asante Samuel, Chris McAlister, Lito Sheppard are on a lower level then Bailey. Bailey is about the only CB I would trust to cover, man-t0-man, any WR in the NFL all game and have any hope of him getting the better of the matchup.

With that in mind, it'd be crazy to run exclusive man-to-man coverage with any other corners.

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