LSU and the BCS (1 Viewer)

The SEC only has 8 bowl tie-ins with Bama being the last of 9 bowl eligible SEC teams. Looks like they'll be left out.

I hope they are left out after the year they had.

They didn't beat anybody good enough to deserve to go to a bowl game.
Are they gonna keep Shula around after this season?
I think Jimbo would be a better HC than OC. Pretty good recruiter and it seems he commands a lot of respect from the players.

I'm just tired of the rumors every season. Let him go and move on.
just to revisit this - the sugar bowl could pick lsu to play florida. i doubt that will happen, but it is possible, right? the sugar gets the first pick. i know the sugar historically doesn;t like having lsu there because of the few hotel rooms being sold and stuff. but how awesome would that be on the sugar's return from katrina to have lsu playing.

I think its the ACC vs SEC in the Sugar Bowl
I am fairly sure Alabama will be invited to a bowl.
Maybe Liberty, Independence, or Music City.

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