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Jun 6, 2010
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What's ur projected madden lineup looking like?

Here's mine if injuries arent included, if so i have the replacement listed after.

Qb brees
Rb peterson
Fb kuhn
Wr thomas
Wr ginn (to stretch the field and open up the middle and underneath)
Slot snead
Lt armstead or ramcyzck
Lg peat
C unger
Rg warford
Rt strief
Te fleener

De cam
De okafor
Dt fairley or onyemata
Dt rankins
Sam klein
Mike stephone (i user the mike so i like my linebackers with better awareness on the outside)
Will ellerbe unless anzalone is a stud
Cb breaux
Cb lattimore
Slot pj
Fs bell
Ss kv

When i use the nickel hybrid ill put kv at lb, marcus williams at fs amd bell at ss

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