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Malcolm Jenkins makes play for the ages for New Orleans Saints (1 Viewer)

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Malcolm Jenkins makes play for the ages for New Orleans Saints (1 Viewer)


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Sep 26, 2006
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Good read about Jenkins.

For those who have watched Jenkins over the years, however, the forced fumble and recovery against the Dallas Cowboys produced yet another amazed shake of the head. The play seemed familiar to those who watched Jenkins lead Piscataway Township High School to three consecutive New Jersey prep championships, or those who saw him chase a Texas receiver down from behind at Ohio State.

"I was just in awe, floored, but not destroyed, because I've seen him do it before," Piscataway Township Coach Daniel Higgins said. "It looked like it was over, and then there he goes, making another play."

Meanwhile, in Columbus, Ohio State Coach Jim Tressel was enjoying Thanksgiving when Jenkins turned the head of the nation's football-watchers.

"From a selfish standpoint, I get to watch so few pro games because of our work schedule, so seeing it happen during the game and not just catching it later on highlights was really exciting for me," Tressel said in an e-mail. "There was a lot of shouting at our house!"

It's unlikely the din from the Tressel living room reached Piscataway, but if it had, it would have been drowned out by the roar in the house in which W. Lee Jenkins and his wife, Gwen, reared Malcolm after Lee Jenkins bought the family homestead from his mother.

"The whole family went out of its mind," Lee Jenkins said. "Of course, when it happened, I'm like, 'get up, get up, chase it, get the ball,' because these are the types of plays he has made his whole life."


"Really, the entire fourth quarter, that was the mentality: We had to get our offense another possession, because we were down and that was the only chance we were going to have," he said. "Especially when the play breaks, and if they get in field-goal range, if they get that field goal, the game could be out of hand. So my only thought was, 'get the ball out.'


The Jenkins family planned to spend today absorbed in another great football spectacle, the Ohio State/Michigan game. And Tressel said Jenkins, who never lost in that rivalry, would be proud to know his spirit lives on.

"His play certainly has been the talk of our locker room here this morning," Tressel wrote.


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Jun 13, 2008
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That final detail reinforced another aspect of the play, namely, that Cowboys Stadium, the league's latest football mecca and a genuinely extravagant venue, hurt the home team. Players traditionally watch the replay screens above both end zones on breakaways to see if they are being followed. But because Cowboys Stadium has the celebrated field-length gigantic screen above the center of the field, there are no replay screens in the end zones, and thus Williams was running without a rear-view mirror, so to speak.

I found this part amazing! Their own extravagance is their downfall. Classic!


Jul 16, 2003
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Funny, it's called a play for the ages, but pretty soon you will be able to make a saints highlight clip of many "impossible plays." Meachem's takeaway was every bit as amazing as this one.

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