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Jan 8, 2003
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Microsoft today launched the Xbox Live Community Games program, announcing the service during its keynote address at the 2008 Game Developers Conference. The Community Games service will allow indie developers to create a game using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio 2.0 software and submit it for peer review with the potential of being added to the Xbox Live Marketplace. This appears to be the final incarnation of the Community Arcade service revealed to us by Microsoft in December.

"The time has come for the games industry to open its doors to all game creators, enabling anyone to share their creations with the world," said John Schappert, corporate VP of Live, software and services for interactive entertainment at Microsoft. "Our goal is to drive a creative and social revolution in games with the same transformative power that we've seen in digital music and video sharing."

Seven preview games are already available via the Xbox Live Marketplace, though you'll need to grab the free XNA Creators Club Game Launcher program from the Marketplace to start. Once you have that, slide over to the Games blade and enter the Games Library. From there, you can scroll over to the new "XNA Creators Club" category and press the Y button to grab the preview versions...

Jeff Miller

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May 27, 2002
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Vancouver, WA
any know if the XNA is available via the MSDN?


looks like the SDK is a free download. I don't see any access to the creators club via the msdn. i'll have to check XBL when get home.
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