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Aug 10, 2018
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The Vieux

Not to ignite some sort of fanboy fight, I'm curious about this. It seems that Xbox One is slightly the preferred console in the US.

Why? Is it as simple as price? Is there any question that PS has the better exclusives?

I have an Xbox One and it's only because I got a good bundle deal with Witcher and Fallout which were the only games I really wanted to play at the time. Is that true for most people, that they just happened to find an Xbox on a good deal so that's their preference or are there other reasons Xbox is preferred. Because if PS had the same price for a bundle, I definitely would have gone with them.


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Mar 1, 2007
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that article doesn't jive with reality though

PS4 has outsold the Bone 2:1

The outlet surveyed a little more than 2,000 respondents on a variety of topics, among them being which consoles are preferred by the respondents who identified themselves as gamers. Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One X came away the winner thanks to a plurality of responses, with 31% choosing Microsoft’s console. Some 28% of respondents said they prefer PlayStation, while 21% identified themselves as Nintendo fans and 20% as PC gamers.

So, while 31% chose Xbox, 69% collectively said their preferred gaming option is something other than the Xbox.

PCMag has a full write-up here of the results of its survey, in addition a map (above) showing the logos of each gaming console corresponding to the states where that console is the most popular.
Not a big survey. Maybe people who own both systems were more likely to say they like their X-BOne better. :idunno:

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