Merril Hoge says Rob Ryan not a good fit for the Saints (1 Viewer)


Sep 24, 2009
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Not that I care what that doofus but alot of you have already made post seeming to agree with him...I for one don't know what to think about this possible hiring but if Payton wants him then I want him too.
Yeah, I think I'll go ahead and trust Sean Payton's opinion over Merril Hoge's.

Meril Hodge holds no credit in these areas. Even if we feel the same way we still wont agree with him.

The guy has Matt Ryan as a top 5 QB for christ sakes...i can rattle off 5 off the top of my head that are better than Ryan
I really didnt want Ryan.... But Hodge is such a moron that if he says Ryan will be bad here..... I think that means he will be good here.

Im basicly saying im a lot more optimistic about Ryan after reading Hodges opinion.

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Not sure how Hoge has a job. He is as incompetent as they come.

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