Merryl Hodge just made the worst top5 qb picks (1 Viewer)

Mar 13, 2012
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Fleur De Ville/Northshore
Wow they just showed his top 5 qbs And payton manning and of course OUR OWN
BREEES Didnt make his top 5 [ :nono: ] believable! Flacco top the list at #1 with Matty
CRYING i mean ryan at 5 WOW!
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The 4-time MVP quarterback who was no. 2 in the league's voting for MVP this season didn't make his top 5?

Good lord.

Talk about a guy who should be in the concussion lawsuit.
Wow! Hodge just made himself look very stupid on National tv. Drew is by far better than any of his top 5 QB's. This clown didn't put the comeback player of the year on there either.
When you can make Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith stop in awe, you have arrived.
Eric Mangini: "yeah... Um, my list looks quite a bit different than that..." haha
they are just hyping the latest news. Will Joe Flacco or Matt Ryan make it into the hall of fame?


Brady, Peyton manning and Brees will, the rest i doubt will.

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