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Aug 28, 2008
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I’m going to look at this situation beyond what is being reported. Looking to go all the way in depth here. MT is adamant about getting Drew a ring. He knows that this is Drew’s last season. We all know that this season has not gone according to plan. I’m going to venture out and say that MT desperately wanted to play since weeks ago. When he saw our team struggling, he probably figured that if we were to continue losing, then we would probably get far behind in the standings (without him) and that wouldn’t sit well inside of him. MT just wants to play football and play extremely well. Not trying to ignore what the young man did, but he is still really young, and has a lot to learn. Sure, he hasn’t been the model teammate of late, but I won’t dismiss him. This kind of stuff happens and I have done some things when I was younger that I am not proud of. So, I will keep my stones, while looking at glass houses. I’m eager to see how he gains the entire organization’s trust going forward.
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Why people try to compare him to Brown or even Owens. He's nothing like either. He's just being annoying Super Alpha and a bit of a firecracker with being injured.

Those guys had completely different issues. We just want Mike to chill out.
I don't think he's like them now. I think the worry is that if he continues down this road he'll be like them in the future. The problem with TO and Brown was that nobody ever put them in their place until it was too late.

Tomlin openly admitted that the same rules didn't apply to AB because he was just that good. So AB had free rein to do whatever he wanted. TO was allowed to do whatever he wanted for most of his career.

I think it was important for SP to take a stand and show that no individual is above the team and things like this will not be tolerated. Hopefully MT gets the message, change his behavior, and continue his journey to Canton. If not then he'll be traded.


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I'm counting on Payton to handle this properly and things will work out. I wish Mike would keep it in-house, but he fancies the Twitter, unfortunately.

When Thomas got his monster contract, we all worried that he'd coast a little when he cashed in. Many players do. He didn't. He put up the best overall season for a receiver, ever. There has been a lot of extreme speculation about CGM and we simply don't know. Comparing him to Antonio Brown is as extreme as it gets. We need to pump the brakes and see where this goes.
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Mike took years to earn his money by using his skills. If he doesn’t watch it, he’ll let his mouth and attitude lose it all in a matter of months. Obviously, he’s listening to the wrong people outside the Saints organization. Memo to Mike: Look back at AB, Michael Vick, and way back in the day, Marcus Dupree. All superb athletes on the way to superstardom, but listened to the wrong people. Broke armchair advisors.


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His IG stories are pretty much the same. Ankle rehab, Lil Durk lyrics.

He'll be ok. The team will be ok. Stuff like this happens from time to time.


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Ok, so here i was watching the video on the link and seriously, all they are talking about are the Chargers. One guy tries to get a topic on Brees and then they quickly flip it back to the Chargers.

Anyway, about 5 minutes in, I realize the video has nothing to do with Michael Thomas so I scrolled down and read the tweets.

To me, just sounds like he was trying to force himself into the game with his injury and things got heated. Seems like he will be back after the BYE.


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1. First one was a lyric.
2. Nothing to it. It's in the past now
3. He was never playing. He wasn't part of the game plan. He's referring to the media.

The situation isn't as serious the media makes it out to be. Team is just basically telling Mike to chill. He just wants to play badly.
Devante Adams just recently explained his frustration with having to sit out with a strained Hammy

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We prob can get a 2nd round pick for Thomas...Nooone is giving up a 1 pick for him . I dont even know if anyone will pay for his salary. I say use the extra pick on a stud WR for whoever QB us next year...

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