Michael Thomas with an interesting social media post (MERGED) (1 Viewer)

Sorry but you are wrong here. He had two passes off the mark where the WR could not make the catch, not just one. Stop telling others to go back and watch it when you should.
So hitting him in the hands isn’t accurate enough for you? Maybe he could run out there and hand it to him. Watch the replay and see the ball hit Olave in BOTH hands. Not a mile over his head or below his knees. And the second pass what do you want him to do? He has a rusher in his face with a sack imminent, he got the ball out and Olave didn’t read it hot (maybe wasn’t his responsibility who knows). The Jameis hate makes no sense. And I’m not even a big fan.
Funny you call me Jameis mom because she’s talked trash to me on social media because I said he wouldn’t be a starter this past offseason.

Go watch the game again and then talk to me. You have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ll be here when you’re ready to apologize.
Maybe if you slow it down a little more and draw some more yellow circles you’ll convince me.

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