Mickey Loomis “The character of this team will be revealed” over these final 7 games. (2 Viewers)

there's just no one at the helm willing to be honest about what's happening to this organization. i've said for a long time mickey is a big part of the problem and stuff like this just confirms it imo. its not just that he's the GM, but he was here when this team pulled itself out of the gutter and committed to excellence. if the guy in charge is saying things like "we'll get that cleaned up"... im sorry. but there's just not any light at the end of this tunnel. he has to go in order for this organization to have a shot at becoming a legitimate contender again. falling backwards into a good draft class every 6 years isn't good enough. there needs to be fundamental change in the coaching and management of this team and it has to start soon before the ripple effects of the past 2 seasons take hold.
While I may agree with you to an ext I will also warn that a new a good GM could make the team even worse.
Blah. Blah. Blah.

This is more passing of the buck. This is the “we know we have a quality team and quality staff …they just need to prove they want to be successful”.

I’m so frustrated with this “wait and see” stuff with this team.

Either do something drastic or just come out and say “we won’t do anything until the season is over”.

We don’t need 7 more weeks of character revelation. We know what this team is. It’s been the same team it was for the previous 10 weeks and the entire season prior to that.
The question that has gone unanswered is what will Loomis do if the 'character' of this team is shown to be lacking at the end of the season. For one, I do not believe that Loomis has the fortitude to cut ties with Allen. IMO Allen, no matter what happens, will get another year before any action would be taken! Hope I am wrong and Loomis will pull the plug if the team continues to be mediocre!
I think it's playoffs or bust. If they fall apart or even back into it I think his job is in jeopardy
There's only one team on the rest of the schedule with a winning record. Of course that's when he wants to grade the team.

They'll probably look at least competent against everyone but the Lions, even in losses.
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Unless the wheels fall off after the bye, DA gets another year (his 3rd season).

His ace-in-the-hole that shows ownership he's doing something "different" (and shouldn't be fired) is bringing in a new OC next season.
Na if he wants to see character built then his last chance is against Detroit. The rest of the schedule is non character building crap teams that'll help us win a terrible division and give them clearance to keep everyone.

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