Mickey Loomis Pleased With Saints Draft Class (1 Viewer)


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Feb 1, 2004
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Full Story – New Orleans Saints.Com

Opening Statement:
“Sean (Payton) was just in here and kind of wrapped up each of the players for you guys so I’m just going to open it up for questions.”

Can you give your assessment on how this last draft has gone?
“I think it went well. I think it went real well. The first round kind of fell like we hoped it might and that gave us an opportunity to get Kenny (Vaccaro). Then being able to make the trade and get another third round pick, that was, I think, unexpected, but I like the way that came out, definitely.”

Talk about your picks today and the success you’ve had finding talent in the late rounds.
“I think that gets back to trying to get the best player, the guy with the best opportunity to make your team, without getting too concerned about need. We are relying on our area scouts and our cross-check scouts a lot when we get down in the later rounds. Obviously our coaches receive a chance to take a look at some of these guys and they’ll have an affinity for someone that has a particular trait that we value. I think our coaching staff has shown the ability to take players with special skills and find a way to fit them in. That is sort of the area we are looking to find guys, that is the way we try to find guys. Again, we are not limited to big schools. We’re looking at some of the smaller schools and guys that have been productive at schools that are under the radar.”

By New Orleans Saints.Com

Full Story – New Orleans Saints.Com

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