Microsoft to Price Cut Vista Boxed Retail Editions ($80 to $110) (1 Viewer)


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Disclaimer: Retail, boxed versions ONLY. Not pre-installed OEM versions.

Microsoft cuts Vista price to drive upgrades
Published: 29 Feb 2008 08:19 GMT

In the US, Microsoft will reduce prices for Windows Vista Ultimate, the company's top-end operating system, to $319 (£160) from $399 for the full version, and cut the price for an "upgrade" version to $219 from $259 for consumers who already run Windows XP or another edition of Vista.

Microsoft will also cut prices for upgrade versions of Vista Home Premium, its mainstream product, to $129 from $239. The price cuts vary by country.

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Microsoft Reduces Price on Several Retail Stand-Alone Versions of Windows Vista
Q&A: Brad Brooks, corporate vice president for Windows Consumer Product Marketing at Microsoft, discusses changes to pricing of Windows Vista retail stand-alone editions.

Brooks: Today we announced a variety of price reductions for copies of Windows Vista sold on retail shelves. In developed markets, the price changes will most notably impact upgrade retail versions of the new editions we introduced in 2007 -- Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate editions. In emerging markets, we are combining full and upgrade Home Basic and Home Premium versions into full versions of these editions and instituting price changes to meet the demand we see among first-time Windows customers who want more functionality than is available in current Windows XP editions. In addition, we are also adjusting pricing on Windows Vista Ultimate in emerging markets to be comparable to price changes developed market customers will see.

These price changes will take effect globally with the retail release of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 later this year, though some markets will see reduced prices sooner as a result of promotions many of our partners already are driving, such as in the United States.


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