Mike Patterson re-signed only 24 games into his career (2 Viewers)


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Feb 24, 2002
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Gonzales, LA
At 5 feet, 11 inches tall, Mike Patterson didn't tower over other top defensive tackles available in the 2005 draft, but now he can say he towers over his draft class financially.

In a rare move, Patterson agreed to a contract extension with the Philadelphia Eagles 24 games into his NFL career. The Eagles extended their 2005 first-round choice by rewarding him with a seven-year, $32 million extension that could be worth $37 million based on incentives and escalators.

The key to the deal, though, was $9 million in guarantees.

What makes this contract unique is that he's only 24 games into his rookie contract. In July, 2005, Patterson signed a five-year, $6.625 million contract that included $3.825 million in guarantees. By signing this extension, Patterson locked himself into $12.825 million in guarantees before his third year.

That's how the Eagles keep so many decent players through the heart of their careers without ever being in cap trouble. They do this all the time, and they haven't missed often in reupping young guys who don't pan out. It also keeps their salary structure balanced (other than McNabb).
No...they renewed his contract...and extension so to say....that's absolutely unheard of in this day an age...especially 24 games into your career....congrats to him...talk about job security....:9:
i hope we lock colston up towards the end of his second yr....the eagles front office made a good move.....
After much debate in the superforum post "Ink Colston?" I emailed a few agents and the NFLPA. According to the new collective bargaining agreement, it is now illegal for teams to resign, rework, or extend a rookie's contract until two seasons have been completed. How the Eagles did this under the rule structure is beyond me.
I would guess because Patterson's original contract was signed before the new CBA.

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