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Jan 24, 2000
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Mikeeee's weekly power rankings.

Criteria: W/L. Dominance. Quality of opponent...in that order. Not perfect, but neither is anyone else's.

What's interesting this week is that we're starting to see that 3-1 is pretty good. 4-0 is
legit no matter what, and if you haven't won yet, you probably just suck.

Rank. Team. (LW) Note
1. Saints. (1) Have yet to trail, and haven't won by less than 2 touchdowns.
2. Vikings. (2) Getting the new QB looks like a pretty good move.
3. Colts. (3) Dominated...Peyton on an MVP pace.
4. Giants. (5) Clobbered the Chiefs, dominant in all facets of the game.
5. Broncos. (7) Home win vs. Cowboys shows they are for real. Still top D in the league.

6. 49ers (8) Singletary the new Ditka?
7. Jets. (4) Rookie QB looked like it. D/ST has bailed him out so far.
8. Patriots. (12) Look to be shaking off the rust. Defiant Brady rushes for TD.
9. Bears. (10) Won going away vs. Detroit. Close game for a 1/2.
10. Ravens. (6) Best game of the day unless your a Raven.
11. Bengals. (11) Beating the Browns required 75 minutes and a 15 yd run by Palmer.

12. Eagles. (9) Bye week should allow McNabb to be ready for rest of season.
13. Falcons. (13) Had to spend two weeks thinking about a loss.

14. Packers. (14) Already 2 games back & in trouble.
15. Steelers. (17) Got way ahead, but 4th quarter still a problem.
16. Jaguars. (26) Garrard starting to look like a real QB again. Some new weapons emerging.
17. Chargers. (15) Just got too far behind to have a realistic shot on the road.
18. Cowboys. (16) Broncos are no slouch but you can't go to sleep in the 4th quarter.
19. Texans. (24) Defense dominated the Raiders, but everyone does that.
20. Redskins. (25) If Campbell's light comes on they can be effective.

21. Cardinals. (18) Need to figure out how to get the Warner-Fitz connection going.

22. Dolphins. (27) Controlled the game on both sides vs. Bills. 200+ yds rushing.
23. Lions. (23) Offense & Stafford getting better each week...the defense is not.
24. Seahawks. (21) Getting clobbered by Manning & Co. is common but still hurts.
25. Bills. (20) Pedestrian effort, couldn't score or stop the winless Dolphins.
26. Raiders. (22) Won't give up on J-Marc just yet, no one can succeed back there.

27. Panthers. (27) Got 2 weeks to figure out how to right the ship.
28. Browns. (31) Played even with Cincy for 74 minutes,56 seconds
29. Bucs. (32) Kept it close vs. Skins with Josh part 1.
30. Titans. (26) They're only good at rushing and they forgot to do that vs. Jags.
31. Chiefs. (30) Run through the NFC East an abject failure. Serious personnel mismanagement on defense.
32. Rams (29) Shut out twice this year. If Kyle Boller's the answer, what's the question?

Just for fun...Playoffs if the season ended today. No idea what the seeds would be.
NFC: Giants, Vikes, Saints, 49ers. WC: Bears/Falcons (Eagles lost to NFC team).
AFC: Jets, Ravens, Colts, Broncos. WC: Bengals/Patriots


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Sep 23, 2009
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New Orleans, LA
Great post. One question, if you were to seed the teams what attribute would you look at first? Points for, points against, total yards, etc?


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Sep 16, 2002
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Henderson, NV
Mikee's power ratings:
26. Raiders (22 l/w) Won't give up on J-Marc just yet, no one can succeed back there.

AB for another go around, perhaps???

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