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Jan 24, 2000
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Mikeeee's weekly power rankings.

Criteria: W/L. Dominance. Quality of opponent...in that order. Not perfect, but neither is

anyone else's.

Rank. Team. Rec. (LW) Note

1. Colts. 5-0 (3) Unquestionable class of the AFC. Obliterated last year's division champs.
2. Vikings. 5-0 (2) Brisk workout vs. Rams to prep for rough stretch vs. 3 good teams.
3. Giants. 5-0 (4) Manning plays a half. They can clobber the AFC West...now the real fun begins.
4. Broncos. 5-0 (5) D shines again vs. Pats in 2nd half at home. Average 8.6 PPG.
5. Saints. 4-0 (1) Out of sight out of mind. Everyone else had impressive wins.
6. Bengals. 4-1 (11) Cardiac win vs. Sept. media darling Ravens. A fluke away from 5-0.
7. Eagles. 3-1 (12) Handily beat the Bucs simply with superior talent.
8. Falcons. 3-1 (13) Total team effort on the road vs. the 9er defense.
9. Bears. 3-1 (9) Two killer road games coming up will make it tough to keep up with Vikes.
10. Steelers. 3-2 (15) 08's best survives a tough fight vs. 08's worst. Another 4th Qtr TD.
11. Jets. 3-2 (7) Incredible game. Newcomer Braylon Edwards 2 TDs not enough.
12. Patriots. 3-2 (8) Not easy to win in Denver, and thanks to a 2nd half collapse, they didn't.
13. Ravens. 3-2 (10) Not sure that D is actually a Ravens D despite the 1st qtr pick-6.
14. 49ers (6) 3-2 Not good enough to take a week off vs. a strong Falcon team. Offense not equipped to come from behind, with or without Gore.
15. Cowboys. 3-2 (18) Physical talent wins out. They've found T.O.'s replacement in Miles Austin.
16. Packers. 2-2 (14) They'll get fat on bad teams before another showdown with the Vikes.
17. Chargers. 2-2 (17) Chance to narrow the Bronc's lead at home next week.
18. Cardinals. 2-2 (21) Escaped after blowing a 3 TD lead vs. Houston. DRC bails them out.
19. Seahawks. 2-3 (24) Combined score 69-0 if Hasselbach finishes game, 0-fer without him.
20. Dolphins. 2-3 (22) 4 QBs demonstrate the wilcat how it's supposed to be.3 4th quarter TDs.
21. Texans. 2-3 (19) Huge comeback vs. Cards and then Schaub blew it with a stupid pick.
22. Jaguars. 2-3 (16) Getting too comfortable too quickly. Garrard & Simms-Walker benched.
23. Redskins. 2-3 (20) Gave another team their first win. KC is next. Look out above!
24. Panthers. 2-4 (27) Defense won this one. A safety & 2 TD drives of an average of 26 yards.
25. Lions. 1-4 (23) Parity not enough to beat the champs. Late TD makes it a 1-score game. Daunte fumbled 3 times and lost none.
26. Browns. 1-4 (28) Got a 3 run homer in the 9th to win it. Anderson 2-17 and he's better.
27. Bills. 1-4 (25) They have the horses. It must be linemen and coaching.
28. Raiders. 1-4 (26) Operation protect J-Marc successful, but everything else an abject failure.
29. Chiefs. 0-5 (31) Have a shot next week if Washington is in another giving mood.
30. Titans. 0-5 (30) The regression into oblivion is complete. No offense OR defense.
31a. Bucs. 0-5 (29) Winslow answers the challenge. Now for the other 52 guys.
31b. Rams. 0-5 (32) Greatest turd in the show, but I couldn't decide if they were worse than TB.

Playoffs if the season ended today.
NFC: Giants, Vikes, Saints, 49ers. WC: Eagles/Falcons. Bye weeks will shake out this month.
AFC: Jets, Bengals, Colts, Broncos. WC: Steelers, Patriots (Brrr, Colts need to win homefield).

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