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Jan 24, 2000
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Mikeeee's weekly power rankings.

There were a few interesting games, ours for one, but also many blowouts this week. Decent teams decimating the bad ones.

Criteria: W/L. Dominance. Quality of opponent...in that order. Not perfect, but neither is anyone else's.

Rank. Team. Rec. (LW) Note

1. Saints. 6-0 (3) Brees was bad in the first half, but team outscores Phins 43-10 in final 31 minutes, & 22-0 in the 4th.
2. Colts. 6-0 (4) Matter-of-fact obliteration of the hapless Rams on the road.
3. Broncos. 6-0 (1) Should be able to handle the Ravens at home with an extra week to get ready.
4. Vikings. 6-1 (2) Stellar defense, but giving up 2 DTDs vs. Pitt put an end to the streak.
5. Patriots. 5-2 (7) Easy to get back on track when 2 are vs. the Titans and Bucs.
6. Bengals. 5-2 (8) The outcome was never in doubt vs. Bears. 31-3 at halftime and 45-3 late.
7. Steelers. 5-2 (9) Not much offense, but Polamalu returns and the D scores twice to take it.
8. Giants. 5-2 (5) It's different when you're not playing Tampa and Oakland. Cardinals roll in second half.
9. Packers. 4-2 (10) Another crushing win against a bottom feeder...this week was the Browns.
10. Cowboys. 4-2 (14) A talented team, crowd at Jerry-World, and some incredible highlights take out Falcons big.
11. Eagles. 4-2 (15) Solid win against a team they should beat, shorthanded, with Westbrook down in the 1st qtr.
12. Cardinals. 4-2 (13) This years trip east produced better results than Boston in 08.
13. Falcons. 4-2 (6) Allowed Romo to be spectacular and went bye-bye in the 4th. Not a good sign with Saints rolling.
14. Jets. 4-3 (18) Thankful for a game with the Raiduh's to stop the losing streak.
15. Texans. 4-3 (17) A good win vs. 9ers. Got up early, knocked out the QB, and held on. Sustainable?
16. Ravens. 3-3 (16) Got the bye week to figure out how to tame the Broncos at home.
17. Chargers. 3-3 (20) Hoping the easy win in KC will shift momentum towards expectations and not disappointment.
18. Jaguars. 3-3 (19) You hardly need a week off to get ready for Tennessee.
19. 49ers. 3-3 (11) Will Hill get his job back? Poor offense starting to hurt their chances. Where's Frank?
20. Bears. 3-3 (12) Bears in a free-fall and need some D and offensive playmakers. Where's the run game?
21. Bills. 3-4 (24) They're only 2 games back after the Putty Tats. Home game next vs. inconsistant Texans.
22. Dolphins. 2-4 (21) Ricky's extra motivation, and whatever he smoked pregame, not enough for high-powered Saints.
23. Seahawks. 2-4 (23) After watching the Cowboys, maybe they'll prepare smarter for their trip to JJ's theme park.
24. Panthers. 2-4 (22) I like Jake, but he's now just bad, overpaid, and there's no one behind him to groom.
25. Redskins. 2-5 (25) Turnovers (4) a killer in home loss to Eagles.
26. Raiders. 2-5 (26) Back to reality, a real stinker in front of the home crowd.
27. Lions. 1-5 (27) Home game against Rams after a week off could get them back to their 'winning' ways.
28. Chiefs. 1-6 (28) Cassell experiment going badly, and Chiefs crushed by SD. Should be better than they are.
29. Browns. 1-6 (29) Another home team gets routed. This is the real bottom of the barrel
30. Titans. 0-6 (32) They didn't lose this week. Most players should spend bye week thinking about their next move.
31. Rams. 0-7 (30) Proved to be a gracious host as worst mails it in vs. best.
32. Bucs. 0-7 (31) The Brits deserve better. 2 Brady picks followed up with 3 and outs.

Playoffs if the season ended today.
NFC: Vikes, Saints, Giants, Cardinals, WC: 2 of Packers, Eagles, Cowboys, Falcons.
AFC: Colts, Broncos, Patriots, Bengals, WC: Steelers, & Jets.

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