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Jul 29, 1998
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I haven't been posting much recently, as I've added a new position to my current duties at work. I've been very busy. However, I came home tonight and clicked on the internet a few minutes ago, and read where Milton Friedman had passed away. This loss saddens me. Dr. Friedman was not just a brilliant economist, but a true gentleman. His style of debate - nonpersonal, issue oriented debate, is sadly out of vogue today.

While the newspapers will write about his seminal work: A Monetary History Of The United States, I will always remember him for his PBS series: Free To Choose. I was a high school senior when that series came out, and out civics teacher assigned us to watch the series. I watched it, and then over the course of the next two years at Junior College watched in on video nearly everyday. It was the first program on economics, that I'm aware of, that brought economics to life. It explored the cutting edge topics of the day, and applied Dr. Friedman's brand of market driven solutions. Looking back, it is quite interesting that those topics that he tackled back then - social security, medicare, education (there were 10 segments in total) are still problems today. Most likely it is no coincidence that these are topics which we, as a society, ignored Dr. Friedman's prescriptions; and the problems have gotten progressively worse.

Rest in peace Dr. Friedman, you were a man amongst men.

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